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Heavy Tempered All-Glass Doors and Fixed Panels

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Are you in need of a reputable company to handle your glass installations or repairs? Have you thought about heavy tempered all-glass doors and fixed panels? Well, we recommend them to you.

Tempered glasses are more resistant to cracks and scratches compared to your conventional glass doors or windows. They can withstand pressure for a long time. Tempered glass is about four to five times stronger than regular glass because it goes through a controlled heating process. The process involves extreme heating of the glass in a hardening oven followed by rapid cooling to create a hard outer layer. This type of glass gets known by many different names, including safety glass, heat-treated glass, and thermal glass.

Why Install a Heavy Tempered All-Glass Doors?

Tempered glass is safer than standard types because it has undergone a hardening process to increase its strength. Controlled heat treatment results in the glass create a more resistant to scratches and less likely to break or tear. Even if the tempered glass shatters, once broken, it will fall into small pieces, not dangerous shards, causing severe damage. However, if a small amount of tempered glass cracks or breaks, the entire plate will completely crack.

Because tempered glass is safer than common types, it is ideal for car windows, showers and tubs, doors, display cases, storefronts, and tabletops. Tempered glass is used in automobiles to prevent injury to passengers in a crash. It gets used for shower doors, tubs, skylights, and frameless doors. It is also ideal for shelves, tables, and display cases that can carry heavy items.

Heavy tempered all-glass doors are an excellent option for your commercial or residential space. The thickness is generally more than what is obtainable with traditional glasses. These are more durable and easy to clean.

Heavy tempered all-glass is good for brightening spaces, especially where there are no exterior walls.

At Commercial Storefront Glass Denver, we also know all about the making and installing these glasses as we've come a long way in this business. There's no glazing job we cannot handle. We have satisfied our customers in and around Denver with quality glazing solutions.

Commercial Storefront Glass Denver works with skilled and experienced technicians who have all worked in the industry for years and know what the job demands.

Our technicians are professionals. They will attend to your work with efficiency and laser-focused attention.

We work with modern technology. If there are better tools for handling the work, we will get them earlier than other companies.

All our final products are always exceptional. That's why our customers all around Denver chose us and are quick to recommend us to others.

When you decide to use our company, some of the services you can also get include

  • Custom Cut Glass & Mirror
  • Walk-In Service
  • Replacement & Installation
  • Storefronts & Curtainwalls
  • Commercial & Residential Door Repair
  • New Construction
  • Mirrors
  • Interior Glass Doors and Side Lights
  • Sliding Glass Doors/Partitions

When you choose Commercial Storefront Glass Denver as the company to handle the installation of your tempered glass doors, you can be sure that everything will get done to meet up with the excellent quality standards and requirements. We will effectively plan and communicate with you to not slow down any part of the process.

Come to us today. We look forward to working with you. Our lines are always available. Make the call now.

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